The Nikon 1: A few thoughts

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  by Chris

The Nikon 1, the newest entry in the world of mirrorless, generates a number of thoughts for a Canon shooter as myself. At first blush, it seems a fascinating system: small, compact, able to use legacy lenses… However, reality begins to sink in when viewing the V1’s $899 price tag. As much fun as this may look, the truth is that a Rebel can be gotten for less with a kit lens. For cheap IStelephoto for cheap, there’s the 55-250 IS. Slap in a 50 1.8, and you’ve got an extremely competent, portable system which will well serve most basic needs for as much or less than the equivalent three N1 lenses. With this is fast autofocus, and a much bigger sensor.

But what about portability? Isn’t that what the N1 is all about? Is that not the goal, the purpose, the aim for such a system? The Rebel kit mentioned above will easily fit into a small camera bag. Amazingly enough, the N1 system also requires a camera bag or neck strap~! So wherein lies the benefit? Perhaps some portability is gained, but for the price, this seems ridiculous. Perhaps Canon will come out with one, for cheaper… Perhaps it will snow for Christmas this year in Fort Lauderdale…

In conclusion, though this seems an interesting offering, the high price tag kills it for me. For not much more, I could get the Fuji X100, or maybe a 135 2.0 L, or fly somehere really epic!

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