The 7D Mk II: Predicitons

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The 7D Mk II is a bit overdue, it would seem… I had expected originally that it would be released at Photokina, but then, Canon gave the wonderful new firmware for the 7D. At Photokina, no 7D mk II came. I was not surprised. Wherefore?

The 5D mk III came out nearly 6 months after people thought it would (roughly 3 year release cycle?); the Earthquake may have had quite a bit to do with this, I suspect. However, the 5D mk III was a radical change from the 5D Mk II, in terms of focusing, fps, build, and, of course, price! Coming in at 3,500 when the 5D mk II was only costing around 2,500, it was a rather major redesign.

I believe that the 7D mk II will reflect this major redesign. I had thought that it was going to follow the trend of the other APS-C sensors being released, weighing in at 18 MP and probably sporting a dual digic 5. Now, what I am suspecting is that the 7D mk II sensor will come in at probably 20-24 mp, with a dual digic 6 processor, and significantly improved image quality. ISO 6400 will look more like ISO 800 (a 3 stop gain!) That’s probably a little exaggeration. More probable is a 2-2.5 stop gain, with noed improvement in ISO 400-800… FPS will creep to 9. File size will bloat a bit. What will not bloat is the sensor. Canon will keep the APS-C flagship the APS-C flagship. Build quality will improve, autofocus will borrow from the 1DX, and everything will all around be so much better!

And, the price will also grow. I am calling about 2,500. I hope I am wrong. I would like to see it come in at 1999.00, but that may also be wishful thinking…

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