For a long time, my main long lens was my 300 F4 IS. Constantly, I found myself limited by several factors:

1. It just wasn’t long enough. On a 7D, it will not autofocus with a 2X TC.

2. AF with the 1,4x TC just wasn’t all that fast… And F5.6 is pretty dark.

I realized I wanted the 300 2.8. No other lens would do. I wanted something hand-holdable, yet longer. The 300 2.8 seemed like it would fill the hole. I have a bizarre attraction to the 300mm focal length, so it was the lens for me! Coupled with my 2x TC, it was to be the lens of my dreams.

When I finally ordered it, my dreams indeed were not misplaced. Although quite heavy it was indeed hand-holdable!

Using this lens has completely changed my photography. I now see things in a much different way.When I get the chance, I will write my complete Individual Experience Review. Until then, enjoy an excellent Twining’s tea!

More to follow…

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