New Images Posted from my Everglades Trip

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  by Chris

There are some new images posted from my everglades trip here:

Enjoy! Many Bothan spies (mosqitos) died to bring you these pictures… Actually, I can still hear the hideous beasts buzzing in my ears occasionally. 10 hours of relentless biting has made me look rather like a measles victim! But it was totally worth it all! Actually, God sent several rain showers of mercy which toned the beasts down for a little while. They were not as bad up at Anhinga trail. They were impressive down at Flamingo. The Deer Flies joined them there. Oh, that I had with me then as assistant! Then would I have gotten said assistant to get pictures of the beasts as they landed and feasted on me… The problem with medical training is that it brings with it an intense medical curiosity. I think a macro of a mosquito chewing on my arm would be most fascinating! I don’t know if I could hold still enough for a Deer Fly picture.

All dipteran discussion aside, God blessed me with an incredible day of shooting. I hope to post more pictures as I process them…

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