Natasha’s Kitchen – A Post to Win Sweepstakes

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  by Chris

Hi! A blog I have been reading for a while is Natasha’s Kitchen. It makes me hungry at work, and causes unwary co-workers to drool. Sadly, I have prior to this failed to share it due to being too busy or maybe lazy, is the more honest description. is the best food website OF ALL TIME! Mabe this is because of my Russian origins, but I love reading about the foods. My wife and I will be cooking some of them, at some point. We already used her Borsch recipe (with some minor modifications).

I indeed am receiving a sweepstakes entry for this blog post, but, this blog deserves to be shared no matter what. I promise you, if you follow this blog, you will never lack ideas of what to cook! (Note: Natasha being a fellow Christian and fellow nurse and her her husband Vadim being a photographer makes the blog even more interesting to me because I feel common ground!).

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