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A rainbow in the Glacier Gorge

I love rainbows (and other optical phenomena), and, upon seeing them, will do all possible to capture them. This view is from near the end of the Glacier Gorge Trail (coming back from Sky Pond). This was the best image I could get of the rainbow. The problems with this image are numerous, yet I still like this image. To wit: out of focus foreground elements, a raindrop on the lens (look above the rainbow), ¬†sticks intruding the right side of the frame, and about 1/2 EV over exposed. Some of these can be fixed in post-processing, but the greatest problem with this image cannot be fixed: The lack of any terribly interesting elements. But, this was all I had to work with, so I fought this image out of what I could see. Two lessons to be learned: one, not every image has to be perfect to be likeable, and two, the most epic rainbow cannot conquer a boring composition. This image doesn’t show up in my Flickr account (for good reasons!). It will probably never be sold. It will never make me any money. But I still like it.

Moreover, I love the sign of this rainbow. After God delivered me from disaster on the Sky Pond hike, God gave me this rainbow to show His great faithfulness.

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