Florida State Parks Annual Family Pass: OVERPRICED!!!

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  by Chris

An America the Beautiful Pass is only 80 USD!!! This pass gives a person access to all federal recreational lands with no further fee (unless they try to bring in a canoe, which gets them for extra!). This vast freedom includes all national parks, national wildlife refuges, national monuments, and other related lands and facilites. This pass gets a person and all the folks with him in his car into the park with no additional charge!!!

The Florida Annual Park Pass? 60 USD. And, it admits ONLY ONE PERSON! ONLY ONE PERSON??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? A National Pass can get me and my entourage into the Grand Canyon, Denali, Everglades National Park, Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Redwoods, Olympus, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and so many more of the most iconic places in the entire world!!! These are the places National Geographic shows us, which calendars display, and Ansel Adams photographed. If I wish to bring my entourage into a Florida State Park with a Florida Pass, it costs 2 bucks extra per person. How much for a family pass? 120 USD!!!

The charge 1.5 times MORE for a family pass than the America the Beautiful pass, and mostly all I can see with it are places not worth remembering! To be sure, there are some good parks, and that be the rub… Riverbend, Jonathan Dickinson…

I think I need to write a letter to Congress to get them to adversely acquire all state parks around the Jupiter region, and call them “Atlantic Ridge National Wildlife Refuge”. They would be better run, have more amenities, and possibly even attract a volcano to erect some new epic national monument!

PS Bill Baggs State Park has no friends! But Biscayne Bay National Park has hoards of friends.

PPS To increase usage, get a reasonable pricing for the stupidly priced family pass…

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