Favourite Software of 2014…

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  by Chris

My favourite software for photography, 2014:

BreezeBrowser – http://breezebrowser.com/ – I use this for vewing and editing (deleting the bad, keeping the good)

Lightroom http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop-lightroom.html – This program I use for RAW conversion to JPG, or to a PSD  for Photoshop (usually most images can be processed for general online purposes in lightroom alone). I am on version 4 (not 5 yet…)

Photoshop – http://www.photoshop.com/ – This is the gold standard for editing, but takes a lot more time than Lightroom. I use CS 6, no Creative Cloud for me.

Occasionally, I will use Nik Color Effex –  https://www.google.com/nikcollection/products/color-efex-pro/ – for improving image detail in critical images. Also, occasionally I will use Noiseware – https://www.imagenomic.com/nw.aspx – to reduce image noise, but usually Lightroom does a good enough job.

What has helped you?

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