Landscape and Nature Composition – Rule of Thirds, Part 2: Subject

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  by Chris

This is part 2 in the series, the previous concerning itself with the placement of horizons, the next with the placement of leadind lines (the most subtle and tricksy of the three). So the question is, what about the Rule of Thirds in subject placement? The answer is, initially, of course, not to rely rigidly …

Landscape and Nature Composition Basics: Rule of Thirds? Part One: Horizons

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  by Chris

A very commonly touted concept in photography is the rule of thirds, the notion that to make a great image, it is important to place the subject/horizon/leading lines along a 1/3rd gridline on the picture. Looking at non-photographer’s pictures, I often find the subject thrown unimagentively in the center, usually not filling much of the …