Becoming a Better Photographer: Go Somewhere Better

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  by Chris

Sometimes the reason we struggle photographically is because we are caught in the rut of shooting the same general thing. Going somewhere better and seeing something better could improve your pictures, but, not so much as by giving you a picture of some famous icon (everyone needs a picture of the Maroon Bells reflected on Maroon Lake!), but more, by changing the way you see and re-energizing you for when you return to your home area. Nothing is better than an epic adventure! Get somewhere inspiring you may draw from. Do something epic to recharge your mind and inspire your soul. Challenge yourself, and photography what you see in your crucible.

Excellent landscape photography is not so much about taking pictures of epic landscapes, but about making the mundane epic. Visiting the epic however gives us a taste of this epicness, and will allow us to see what we have been seeing in a new way, if for no other reason than we have taken a break from it, to step back and see our surroundings for what they are in a familiar yet detached way.

Going somewhere new¬†gives bird photography an immense boost in many ways: if nothing else, new birds means new habits to learn and new methods which must be implemented. A fun thing can be bird photography where no one else is shooting. On the upper slopes of Mount Evans in Colorado, I brought my 300 2.8 with 2x TC combo and my 7D. The weight made hiking miserable, but… I was the only one shooting images of those birds! I got images I could get no where else. Nothing improves photography like completely unique images!

Learn to see the mundane in a new light, and to make what is common your area epic. Learn this by visiting the epic, capturing its glory, and bringing this glory into your mundane photography.

Coming: Becoming a Better Photographer by Embracing What You Have Been Given

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