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St. Mark's Lighthouse Sunset


The key to getting different images is to see differently. The key to seeing differently is to think uniquely. Different images stand out; they catch eyes, and hold viewers.

The making of this image required significant pre-thought. I studied the lighthouse of St. Marks, and looked at the area on maps.google.com for a while, trying to find the best angles to shoot the lighthouse. When I arrived at the refuge before sunrise, I scouted around for where I wanted my sunrise image (I planned to capture both sunrise and sunset images). Sunrise images were all well and fine, but I needed something unique. My sunrise images looked like most of the other images I had seen on the internet. In the afternoon, my wife (a trained artist, yet in another discipline) picked the place where we would shoot sunset. She said it would be unique. When sunset was approaching, as I was trying to get images of ducks in the pond near the lighthous, a large group of people congregated at the base of the lighthouse, all ready as a band to capture the same image. To be sure, compositions would be different, somewhat, yet nothing would stand out; the lighting would be the same, the angles would be the same. I am sure they got good images, and that they liked them too, yet I am sure that none of them captured particulary unique images, as the place they shot from is the place where nearly everyone shoots (do an image search; you will see!).

The image above is much different than all others. It was made overlooking a small pond off the main road on a pull-over with a small bench. We were completely alone. The smokes from controlled burns at the Wakulla unit provided the clouds.  This image was made with a 7D, a 70-200 2.8 IS, handheld (I never use tripods…).

Leave the pack! Get alone, and get unique images!

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